Educational Reform Plan for Mathematics and Physics Education

  For this time discussion, then allow me to be mimicking the sample. So, let’s start, as an experienced mathematical physicist and educator for Higher Education and Open Learners, I often begin by seriously my own general education reform maps, as shown on the last page, with this is the following details: 1.     […]

Let’s Talk About Educations’ Curriculum

  First of all, I conduct this research without my participants knowing about their answers will be recorded and analyzed. The participants for my current research come from three different kinds of social clubs’ activities with on-the-spot topics each week. The first club from the English club activity and participants in this club come from […]

The Traditional vs the Progressive Approach of Teaching-Learning

  Traditional notions and progressive approach of teaching-learning, what have we ever know about this on schooling? I ever wonder, what would be the proper method that we need as humans?   On the other hand, during my journey as an educator, along with several schools that I have been joined purposely and non-purposely, very […]

The Analogy and Reconceptualization of Curriculum in the Last 40 Years

As many as other things that we know, the Earthling timeframe for 40 years, means isn’t a short time, it’s roughly 4 decades. The time that brings humanity from a newborn baby to become an old man, which means the time that taught us a lot on how we should define, improve, and adjust to […]

The 3 Top Purposes of Education in My Milieu

  In regards with the 3 top purposes for education in my milleu, I always reminding myself with three lego baseplate, which are green, gray, and blue. Lego Base plate Green, that’s the early base plate, with purpose to help us with creating a view of outdoor environment like garden, forest, park, which helpful for […]

The Milieu in My Educational System Curriculum

First, if we take a look at the definition that we have on “What is Curriculum?” that, we can find it original and online. We also know about those Curriculum definitions still can be derived into much more detailed components. For instance, we know Curriculum originally comes from New Latin words with means “a course […]

An Educational Question Does Exists Because We Want Education to Keep Growing

An education does exist because of living humans, and between human and education, if we can analogy it then education and human-like side-to-side of a flipping coin, we never can separate them. Especially, as a human that secretly like to grow up, then we always have tons of question, and those questions in fact can […]

The Process to Keep “Run” in Development called Curriculum

    Curriculum, throughout the definition, and information that we can find it from all accessible resources like books, websites, experiences, educator research, etc. have one purpose which like Heinemann (2010) said: “Our teaching is in some ways preparation for such events”, which support by Curriculum definition borrowed from new Latin as “a course of action”, that […]