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Educational Reform Plan for Mathematics and Physics Education

  For this time discussion, then allow me to be mimicking the sample. So, let’s start, as an experienced mathematical physicist and educator for Higher Education and Open Learners, I often begin by seriously my own general education reform maps, as shown on the last page, with this is the following details:

1.     I will be setting up the theory and goals with an estimated time of frame that the Educator expected to share the common reform human values and learning to be, learning to live together, and learning to learn in periodically time of the frame.

2.     I will conduct research for educations in mathematics and physics, on what has been going on from the past research up to current research.

3.     I will be analyzing the current existences of mathematics education, and physics education at the high school, and undergrad college, related to the research and report, also to analyze whether it changed the dynamic in the classroom (Delaney, 2011).

4.     I will be analyzing the current existences of laboratory activity for physics education at the high school, and undergrad college, like Dewey (1908) said applies the principles of a carefully developed philosophy of experience.

5.     I will discuss with the current high schooler stakeholders and professors on the field of mathematics and physics education.

6.     I will be analyzing the environment around us that can help us learn educational mathematics and physics points of view.

7.     I will be implementing the new design curriculum.

8.     I will be having an evaluation from the implementation.

9.     I will be creating a conclusion that can be decentralization.

  As Educator for Higher Education and Open Learners here in China Mainland, I would have to set up the theory and goals that rationally can be accepted with a piece of information that can be shown the reform has been happening. Even though there’s an experience that I gained during my life journey as a Teacher, but I still must conduct research for educations in mathematics and physics-based on current evidence and further vision, throughout the existence research paper, with retrial the experiment on personal adjustment development upon experiments in the education of mathematics and physics.

  Once the research has been tested, then I often do a discussion with my current learners, my volunteer former learners, and some of my colleagues or friends. If the discussion goes smooth then I will try to set up a manual guide on implementation that we can conduct within a time frame, like a term, to a semester, and to a year. Moreover, once the implementation can be accomplished, within the time frame, then I will be doing the evaluation and conducting some possible equations, with one requirement if the theory that has been set up during the goal can get matched with the experiment.

  Finally, I will build a conclusion that has been approaching the goal, which can be decentralization to more fields for further development. During the decentralization, I will be providing such an adjustment for some locations their environment may have a challenge upon some materials that can be useful on supporting the teaching-learning of education in mathematics and physics that can support the goal and theory.


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