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2021 – 01 – What Makes 2021 Being Different Than 2020

2021 Being Different Than 2020

2020 has passed, humans were spending most of their time in their homes or being away from the crowd. The Virus that causes epidemics without discrimination took human freedom, happiness, and comfort. In poorly ventilated space like a minimum of fresh air from the outdoors will put us (humans) at higher risk for being infected. In early 2020, there is not enough information yet to save human beings from this new virus with the capability of changing rapidly. Human positivism can help beat this epidemic also through human transparency, human response, and accountable humans are needed in order to find a better solution on helping humans on building more effective and inclusive solutions to a better recovery of tomorrow.

Now, this is the time for 2021. The number of 2021, that’s how it’s literary recognized, a new group of numbers that just exists, which indicate as a new round of years based on Gregorian Calendar just begin, even though for nearly ten days has passed. 2021 also indicated as a new schedule for whatever activity we as a human have planned in 2020 to try with a hope to do it in 2021. There is enough information throughout the analysis of the case study and conceptual idea to protect human beings from the previous epidemic. 2021 also a year on a something new like vaccine needs more distribution to prevent and decrease the spreading of the virus into the minimum value that can exist.

Finally, the year 2021 literary is a year indicates to become something new after the year 2020. Due to the epidemic, most of the human activity in the year 2020 is on hold. Humans are not immortal and need experience through their whole lives on better learning. Also, safety guidelines are a simple formula. The medical team is not only responsible for treating this virus subject material, but all humans are also responsible for preventing and decreasing the spreading of the virus. Therefore, it’s important that each human take precautions on protecting themselves and other human beings by washing their hand, wearing a proper mask from nose to chin, maintaining a distance between one and another human being, having a proper meal, and monitoring your health daily. Furthermore, if humans learn a lesson in 2020, then in 2021 humans won’t repeat the mistake. Lockdown activity without an alternate solution to keep activity stable like before makes it likely that the situation and information do not handle properly. Most humans only have very limited proper and trusted information and many conspiracy theories around the media. Since there are different views on information, then it would be better for transparency, response, and accountability to be shared accurately till this vaccine distribute properly in 2021 with hopefully the upcoming antiviral drug on reducing the death from this epidemic virus.