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About HERO NRC Services

HERO Provides Services

Here’s a more detailed look at the services provided by HERO Natural Resources Consultant:

  1. Quantified B2B Research: HERO provides quantified research on high-growth niche opportunities and threats. This research is designed to impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues, helping businesses make informed decisions.
  2. Competitive Intelligence and Market Research: Through the “Knowledge Store” platform, HERO connects over 20,000 markets and entire value chains. This allows HERO to better understand unmet insights, as well as market sizing and forecasts of niche markets.
  3. Consulting Services: HERO offers consulting services across five major categories. These categories align with their focus areas and are designed to help clients navigate their pain points around revenue decisions. The categories are:
    • Artificial Intelligence and Technology: HERO provides consulting services related to the application of AI and other advanced technologies in business.
    • Automation Systems: HERO advises on the implementation and use of automation systems in various business processes.
    • Systematic Business and Scientific Infrastructure in Advanced Manufacturing: HERO offers consulting services related to systematic business processes and scientific infrastructure in the field of advanced manufacturing.
    • Sustainable, Innovative Business Tactics: HERO helps businesses implement sustainable and innovative tactics.
    • Planning for Environmental, Technical, Economic, and Social Quality: HERO helps clients plan for and manage various aspects of quality, including environmental, technical, economic, and social factors.
  4. Client Collaboration: HERO works alongside its clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition, and redefine industries.
  5. Global Expansion: With a new base in China, HERO is set to help Sino-Indo-US change makers define their businesses.