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HRM Algebra. HRM Geometry. HRM of the Systems.


#2023. W 30 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #159 days left in 2023. This paper summarizes our design of a unique robot arm with high flexibility and maneuverability, the hyper-redundant manipulators. How to quickly, accurately, and smoothly grasp objects has always been a problematic point of research, especially to our awareness that this robot arm plays an essential role in whether the robot can accomplish a specific task. In order to bring efficiency and effectiveness of the design in hyper-redundant manipulator systems, the technical inverse solution of the manipulator was given by the method and the geometric method, and the join variable values were calculated. Finally, we understand it is more accurate to find the inverse solution of the geometrical method of the manipulator than the algebraic method with our understanding of the prospect of spatial reachability, structural compactness, operation accuracy, and interaction friendliness of hyper-redundant manipulators presented.