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Research without IAOB. An Initial Research. Research TBC.

IAOB. Initial. TBC.

#2023. W 43 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #66 days left in 2023. A Research without if’s, and’s, or but’s with truth to be continued. A research that began in 1987, L’Huillier and team laid the theoretical foundation for attosecond physics and future breakthroughs. Additionally, in 2001, Agostini and his teams produced an innovation that allowed them to measure the duration of consecutive light pulses as 250 attoseconds. At the same time, Krausz and teams in Austria successfully isolated a single pulse of a process in which electrons were pulled away from their atoms, which lasted for around 650 attoseconds. Furthermore, in 2008, L’Huillier captured videos of an electron riding a light wave just after it had been pulled away from an atom. Without a doubt, today, attosecond pulses make it possible to measure the time it takes for this to happen and the relation between this time and other atomic properties. Moreover, essential and wide-ranging scientific problems are associated with measuring and controlling ultrafast electronic and electronic-nuclear coupled dynamics. High power laser offers a suite of highly appropriate lasers and attosecond beamlines that will be “the best in the world” capability for a decade or more. Above all, is this discovery an initial opening of the door to a universe inside the atom? Even so, we should know that it is not impossible to try and take the risk for something that has been academically designed.


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