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Thought From Chicken Wings

Alberttls. (2023, June 15). Thought From Chicken Wing. Retrieved from

#2023. W 24 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #199 days to go in 2023. The tension to initiate you as a human felt made the human body and mind use up more energy than human-self realized. Chicken wings made while the thought is applied become fried chicken wings themselves, such as this many chefs may learn through it by making mistakes but then recognize it and build better chicken wings that are tasteful and edible. This initiation from tension cannot be analyzed as we observe and made from the graph without a table. Obviously, for a complete chicken wings recipe, one would have to know where the chicken wing is at the half-second moment, but once we have a graph, let us suppose that the graph can mean something, that the chicken wing has some condition at all the necessary times. Time to enjoy the marvelous discovery made possible by science.

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