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2021 – 04 – Conclusion for 2021

In Contrast, the solutions on how we find the value of 2021 are not the same for all living beings. Some of us value variety and differences. The differences like increasing and decreasing of common differences between numbers to have a total value of 2021 taught us that in life to live there is increasing and decreasing or up and down either in our emotions, intellectual, spiritual, communication and technology in the sense of our human life to live. Albert Einstein’s quote mentions one example: “Everybody is genius, but if we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” That means all human beings have their variety and differences. How we should value creating a reasonable goal in 2021 will bring us to what we will become by exposing our differences and not judging others who have a different ability than us.

On the other hand, some of us also value individualism. As we have seen throughout the equation discovered by Dr Taneja about, combinations of one digit also can have the value of 2021 or make the group numbers of 2021. In terms of the philosophical idea about our individualism with our single skills and-or ability, it is enough to bring our 2021 being something that others may not see on how it can be useful in making our community and/or environment more friendly and useful without harming others around us. An example in our life of how the techie has helped us with plenty of cool apps that we can see in our APP Store for Apple Users, Play Store for Android Users, Windows Store for Windows Users, and Steam Store for Steam Users, this techie has helped us by secretly lightening our life to live especially in our work without we even know who those techies are. However, they enjoy becoming techies by providing many users with such a tool. In addition, it is not far to realize our possible development as numbers in operations have shown us. Numbers and basic operations have been introduced to us from a young age and develop during our growing process. Even though many of us humans are still confused and/or not intuitively connected with those numbers, those numbers have always been around us in any form to help us with our human development. Like all kinds of current professions always needed the application of mathematics neither in the theoretically to be invented/discovered and/nor in the applied system that needs to be realised. Because there are different views on Numbers and Operations for finding the value of 2021, but those essences as the directly seen sum of 2021 are 5, for us, which is the human living through the water that given on our humanity, especially while we are thirsty, an air that given to us in each day, the ground that was helping us human on growing the seed for helping us to have energy, with living under the sun to keep us on having a warm climate on our survival and love of each other on letting us being more concern between one and another.

In Conclusion, numbers the part of natural language in mathematics form. The Mathematics form comes with real numbers, fundamental operations, and the role of brackets. With those fundamentals in mathematics like a number, Bracket, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, we know the necessity for many of us humans, on how our life get colour throughout this basic operation, even though sometimes can be quite complex. However, at the same time, we can find meaning behind all of those through the combination of alphabets we call learning. With the use of a Bracket then, we know which one should be done first. In our life, we can classify which one should be a priority to be accomplished soon under the development in the Mathematics form that helps with Operations like Exponents and Calculus. With the starting of development in terms like exponent, humans can see about the similarity in a pattern can go with a simplification, therefore in whom the whole structure, being joined together, we can grow into a convenient place of residents on the Universe. Like in our life, the beauty of our existence is not about how much stuff we do have or own, but how well we have built our morals throughout the universe order that has always spoken to us in this nature of language. Lastly, philosophers in ancient Greek times value the meaning of this mathematics language. Even though not all Mathematicians and Philosophers in the current state share this attitude about mathematical philosophy, back in the past, like Plato’s generation and those eras have greatly shown that Mathematics and Philosophy are one and another in helping each other in their journey of discovery. We all see several equations shown in this article and the previous articles about how each equation got formed and the need for them to support each other without changing their order of operations. Therefore, if we would occupy ourselves with developing our honed skills and ability by cooperating with what the Universe told us in 2021. In the coming years to come, we, humans, will surely see and learn to grasp the truths of the Universe. So we, humans, would not be snared by the conspiracy and confusing information that nowadays has to keep growing. Let us have our fun learning, sharing, and developing in 2021 to the following years to come to a greater of this Universe, the Earth, and everything in it.



Inder J. Taneja, 21 Mathematical Highlights for 2021, December 26, 2020. Pp.1-75,


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